New Technology to Help in Early Sex Determination of the Baby

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According to a recent report in Journal of American Medical Association gave details of a new technology that will help in determining the sex of the baby as early as seven weeks into pregnancy. The new technology can also help in determining whether the baby is suffering from any genetic diseases.

This new technology helps in determining the sex of the baby by analyzing the DNA that floats freely in woman’s blood. The analysis of the DNA of 57 women was conducted by Diana Bianchi of Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston. Even though test of DNA is common in European Countries, most women in USA depend on ultrasound to detect the sex of women. However, they have to wait for at least 18 weeks to determine the sex of their baby.

These tests will also help those who are worried about having children that suffer from genetic disorder that usually affect boys. Some of the common problems that males can suffer from include hemophilia or any other type of muscular dystrophy. These studies will also help couple who already have children who are suffering from a genetic disorder. Women who are having a girl need not worry and must reduce the number of invasive test as it could increase the risk of miscarriage.

Another benefit of these tests is that it will help in reducing intake of unnecessary drugs that are given to expectant mothers whose fetuses are likely to suffer from conditions that can cause genetic problems. Even though these drugs can help in reducing the probability of health problems, these drugs have side-effects that can affect both the mother and the child.

Early sex determination test is common in European countries like Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France. There are many companies in Europe and South-East Asia who are willing to do online sex determination test. However, companies and hospitals in United States generally don’t offer these test and these tests are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. One of the biggest problems in with online sex determination test is that results of these tests are not reliable. There are many companies that have gone out of business because lawsuits have been filed by people who were disappointed with the results of the test.

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