How you can benefit from Human Growth Hormones

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Growth hormones are required by the human body to maintain the organs and tissues of the body and to aid in childhood growth. These hormones are produce by the pea-sized structure called the pituitary glands that is found at the base of human brain. However, in the middle ages the growth hormones produced by the pituitary glands slow down. The slowdown in production of growth hormones has forced people to look at ways of using synthetic growth hormones to maintain their vital organs and tissues.

Synthetic growth hormone is an approved treatment for adults who suffer from deficiency of these hormones. These hormones are either taken orally or are injected into the human body. Synthetic human growth hormone can be brought from a chemist or from websites that sell these products.

Deficiency in production of human growth hormone is usually caused by a tumor in the pituitary glands. Another common cause of growth hormone deficiency is the treatment for adenoma with radiotherapy or surgery.

Apart from maintaining the body tissues and organs, growth hormones also help increasing the muscle mass, reducing the body fat, increasing the bone density and increasing the exercising capacity by improving energy levels. Some doctors also suggest the use of human growth hormones in treatment of HIV or AIDS related muscle problems.

Today, many body builders are using HGH human growth hormone to improve muscle growth in their body. However, some bodybuilders are unaware of the dosage they should take to benefit from it. To get maximum benefit from synthetic human growth organs, it is important that you know when you should take them and quantity of synthetic growth hormones that you should take. It is important that divide your intake into small servings that you can take for many days instead of taking the entire quantity in one day. For instance if you plan to take 100 International Units (IU), you can divide it into 5 IU that you take everyday instead of taking 100 IU in a single day. If you are unable to decide on the right dosage for your body, it is important that you consult a health expert.

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