How physical therapy can help your regain your mobility

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If you are facing problems with your mobility because of a stroke or accident, your doctor may suggest that you visit a physical therapist. Physical therapist will suggest exercises that will help in strengthening the injured part. If you live in Connecticut and have never visited a therapist before, you may feel nervous as you don’t know the treatment process that your therapist may suggest. Here are a few facts that you must be ready for when you visit a therapist.

It is important that you know that physical therapy Connecticut is not going to be easy. Strengthening your injured part is difficult and you must work hard if you want to stand on your feet once again. If you want to make progress, you must listen to what your therapist says. You must do all the exercise routine that your therapist has designed for you.

When you visit your therapist in Connecticut for the first time, your therapist will check your medical records and also evaluate the severity of the injury. Your medical records and physical condition will give your therapist an idea of your condition before the injury or accident and help them decide on steps that have to be taken to improve your condition. It is important that you contribute to goal setting process as it will help in speeding up the recovery process.

Initially the therapist will suggest exercises that will help in alleviating pain that you are suffering from because of the accident or injury. Once you have recovered from the injury, the therapist will suggest exercises that will make your body stronger. Your therapist may suggest some stretching and strengthening exercises that will make your muscles stronger. At any point if you feel that you are experiencing pain when exercising, inform your therapist so changes can be made in your exercise routine.

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