Having pet can help you stay fit

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If you are looking at ways of staying fit, then your pet can help you lose weight. This fact may surprise you but they are true. Experts are of the view that when you have a pet at home you have a more active lifestyle. For instance, when you take your pet out for a walk, you walk faster which helps you stay fit.

According to Sandra McCune, the author of the “Health Benefits of Dog Walking for People and Pet” said that she was fascinated how dogs can motivate people. Sandra further added that people who are dog walkers usually fulfill their daily exercise requirement even if they don’t do any other major exercise. Dogs are usually responsible for 67 percent walks that their owners take in a week.

About 25 percent of people who have pets at home visit the park at least once a weak. Most pet owners make it a point to take their pet or a walk even when it is raining or when it is extremely hot. When you have a pet at home, you are forced to take your pet for a walk even if weather is not appropriate for a walk. In a recent poll it was found that more than 44 percent of pet owners who were more than 65 years old exercise because of their pet.

Another benefit of taking your pet for a walk is that you improve your bonding with the pet. Bonding with your pet will not only improve your relation with your pet but will also improve your relationship with other people.

Health experts are of the view that exercising with your pet can help in improving your enthusiasm and energy. Therefore it is important that you take your pet out for a walk even if you are late from office or if the weather is not appropriate for a walk.

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