Excessive Use of Antibiotics Can Be Harmful

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Even though benefits of antibiotics cannot be doubted, overuse of antibiotics can have a negative impact on the body’s bacterial makeup. Dr. Martin Blaser, the chairman of department of medicine at New York University Langone Medical Center said that overprescribing antibiotics can cause the body to develop resistance to these medicines. Therefore it is important that doctors are more prudent when they prescribe antibiotics.

Dr. Blaser further added that some doctors prescribe antibiotics without considering their long-term side-effects. He further added that prolonged use of antibiotics can permanently affect the beneficial bacteria of the body.

In an editorial that was published in Nature, Dr. Blaser hypothesized that prolonged use of antibiotics can cause many health problems like allergies, diabetes and inflammatory bowel. He hoped that experts will come out with antibiotics that kill only specific bacteria and does not affect good bacteria.

There are many doctors and health experts that agree with the view of Dr. Blaser. According to Dr. Cesar Arias who is the assistant professor of infectious disease at the University of Texas Medical School, there are many people who take antibiotics without considering their side-effects. Giving antibiotics has become so common that some doctors give their patients antibiotics for treating viral infections.

In his report, Dr. Blaser pointed out that children in America receive about 10 to 20 courses of antibiotics by the time they are 18 years old. Also, many pregnant women receive antibiotics during pregnancy.

Many doctors say they are helpless as they are placed in an uneasy situation as many patients who come to them demand antibiotics even though it may not be in their best interest. They are not willing to understand why doctors are not prescribing them antibiotics.

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