Causes and tips to deal with tingling feet

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One of main causes of tingling feet is peripheral neuropathy which is usually caused by trauma, medical conditions and even medication. People who suffer from tingling feet usually feel like a bug or an insect is crawling under their skin and it may also lead to a jabbing or burning sensation in the feet.

Important causes of tingling feet

Certain medical conditions that affect the nerves of the feet are known to cause tingling feet. Some of the medical issues that affect the nervous system include hypothyroidism, diabetes, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions can damage the nerves of the feet which may cause tingling or burning sensation in the lower part of the feet.

Certain medications are also known to cause tingling feet. For instance, chemotherapy drugs and anti-HIV drugs are known to cause tingling feet. Drinking alcohol in excess can also damage in the nerves in the feet causing tingling sensation. Some people may also have tingling sensation in their feet after a major accident or surgery.

Some physicians are of the view that tingling feet is usually a sign of some other disorder in the body. They are of the view that tingling feet is a sign that a person is suffering from autoimmune disorder and diabetes. Tingling feet is a common problem that most people who suffer from diabetes have to deal with. More than 30 percent of all diabetes cases suffer from tingling feet.

Even if tingling feet is a sign of disease it is an early indicator of damage to the nerves of the feet. If the problem is not treated, it can cause permanent damage to your feet.

Some of the common problems that are associated with tingling feet include lack of coordination of the feet and high sensitivity of the feet to touch. The tickling sensation that you feel may cause painful or burning sensation in your feet. Also, some people may feel electricity passing through their toes. In extreme cases tingling in the feet may cause permanent damage to the feet which may cause numbness.

The irritation caused by tingling feet increases depending on the factor that is causing it. For instance, if tingling feet is caused by medical condition like diabetes, the tingling sensation will increase gradually. However, if the tingling sensation is caused by medication, the affect will be in a few weeks. If the sensation is caused by trauma or accident, the sensation will start increasing a few days after the trauma or accident.


You can prevent tingling feet if you can manage the medical condition that is causing the sensation. If you are suffering from diabetes, it is important that you control your blood sugar levels. People, who are suffering from autoimmune disorder must take medication that help in reducing the immune system’s ability to attack the nerves of the body.

Some physicians also prescribe medication to reducing the tingling sensation in the feet. You can use pain relievers, anti-seizure and antidepressant medication to reduce the tingling sensation.

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