Buying the right MMA gear

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MMA gearIf you are looking for a training program, that improves your overall fitness or fulfill your dream of becoming an amateur fighter, mixed martial arts training program is the best solution. Some of the reasons why people opt for this training program is because it improves their physical and mental skills, can be practiced anywhere, and is an excellent workout program. You don’t need expensive facilities or equipment to undergo this training program. All you need is a good clothes and the best MMA gear.

If you are new to this training program, make sure the MMA gym you select has all the equipments you need. Some of the things that are considered essential for any training program include weights, sparring pads, and first aid equipment. If you are unsure of the equipments you need, you can check the internet to get details of all the equipments you will need for the training.

Most schools that specialize in MMA training programs have all the required equipments. However, these schools may ask you to buy your own mouthpiece, gloves, cup, and handwraps. Good schools will have their own MMA gear and equipments and will not ask you to invest in new gears and equipments.

If you are just starting out, that’s about all you will require. However, as you get deeper into this sport, you may have to supplement this equipment with a few additional protective gears and pads. You will also need good clothes like a rash guard and shorts. Let us analyze each item you will need in detail.


Clothes are the first thing you must look for when buying MMA gear. You will need good quality clothes every time you work out. When buying clothes, make sure the shirt and shorts are durable and made of a material that is resistant to stretching and tears. You must also buy a good quality rash guard that will protect your elbows and arms from rubbing against mat when you grapple. The shorts must ideally be made of nylon or polyester. They must dry quickly and should be sturdy. If you have not purchased new clothes, you can use your swim trucks. However, the laces or snaps in these trucks can injure you or your opponent.

Protective Equipment

Once you have all the clothes you need, you must start looking for some essential protective equipment. Mouthpiece and cup are the two most important pieces of protective gear. If you have limited time or resources to buy protective equipment, make sure you buy at least these two equipments. The mouthpiece will protect your lips and gums from damage, while a cup protects a fragile body part. When practicing in the gym, it is important that you wear protective equipment as much as possible. These equipments will not only protect you, but will also help in adjusting your movements. As you continue to grow as a fighter, you will have to buy a few more equipments like head guard and pads.

Sparring Equipment

Your last area of investment is sparring equipment, which will include handwraps and gloves. Hnadwarp is a long piece of cloth is wrapped around the wrist and hand to provide alignment and support. It also protects your hands from inside the gloves. Also, it is easier to wash handwrap than washing gloves. Handwraps are relatively inexpensive and can be easily found in sporting goods store. It is a good idea to get at least 2 pairs as you shouldn’t wear it for multiple workouts without washing. Buying the right pair of gloves is not easy, as they provide real protection for your hands and the opponent’s body. Make sure you buy gloves that weigh at least 14 ounces, as most instructors will not let you spar if the gloves are too light.

Under normal circumstances, you don’t have to make a significant investment in equipment when you are getting started with MMA. Low initial investment is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of the sport. As a rule of thumb, you must own any gear or equipment that touches your skin. However, if it doesn’t touch your skin, you can borrow it from the gym. Also, make sure you check out a few online and offline stores before buying an equipment.

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