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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Slow Down The Aging Process

| March 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

Getting old is inevitable. But growing old the right way is important, by maintaining good health and maintaining balanced hormone levels. With the latest advances in medicine it is possible to balance your hormones and slow down the aging process. Once you reach your thirties your hormone levels start to drop off which may lead to various symptoms that could be due to a hormonal imbalance.

Over the years, your body experiences stress, environmental toxins, lack of sleep, effects of poor lifestyle choices and poor nutrition, and this along with the natural aging process, can result in depletion of your body’s hormones. With age and hormone depletion you may experience certain changes to your body which can negatively affect your lifestyle:

  • Irritability
  • Night Sweats
  • Joint pain
  • Loss of energy
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Low Libido
  • Thinning hair, bones, and skin
  • Memory issues
  • Increased Abdominal Fat
  • Sleep problems/ Insomnia
  • Lack of a sex drive and energy
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog and lack of focus
  • Weight gain

If you are above 35 years of age, chances are you could be facing one of the above-mentioned symptoms, in which case you should visit us a specialist bioidentical hormone doctor.

Understanding bioidentical hormone treatment

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy also known as natural hormone replacement works by using supplemental hormones that are chemically similar to the hormones present in the human body. Using these hormones is the only natural way to correct the hormonal imbalance in your body.

These hormones are not chemically engineered, rather these are extracted from plants such as yam or soy. Bioidentical hormones are also highly customizable, which means that they can be customized depending on the need of your body.

Hormone replacement treatment is suitable for both males and females, seeking treatment for Hormone Deficiency Syndrome and other hormonal imbalances. Before applying for a hormonal treatment, an in-depth evaluation is required by a trained bioidentical hormone, doctor. These tests will include lab testing and an in-depth questionnaire, to make a personalized program for you. The program would further include testing and reviewing the medical history of your family with an ongoing evaluation.

Why should you get a bioidentical hormone treatment?

1) The molecular structure of hormones used in this treatment is such that the body accepts it. Apart from the function it performs, it is generally found to be more effective compared to the synthetic counterparts.

2) Bioidentical hormones are natural and easily metabolized.

3) Unlike the synthetic counterparts that are available in the form of pills or capsules, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is better since it can be customized to fit your body for better results.

5) These hormones can be given in small dosage as well hence making it easier to balance hormones in each body type.

6) Hormone imbalance can cause mood swings. Hormone therapy can help alleviate anger, anxiety, and depression.

How can bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help women’s hormonal imbalances?

Reduced Hot Flashes: With hormonal deficiencies the body’s internal thermometer, also called the hypothalamus can cause hot flashes and night sweats. Hormone therapy can greatly reduce the number of hot flashes in women.

Increase in Vaginal Lubrication: Estrogen is the key to keeping a healthy vagina. Drop in estrogen levels can create dryness in the vagina. By supplementing the bioidentical hormones, vaginal dryness can be treated.

Increased Skin Elasticity: Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity. Skin can appear dry or wrinkled when collagen breaks. With the help of hormonal therapy, vitamin C and estrogen can influence the formation of collagen and help keep your skin young.

How can bioidentical hormone replacement therapy benefit men?

Improved erectile function: Testosterone directly affects the reproductive system. Libido can decrease due to a low level of testosterone but can be brought back to normal with the use of bioidentical hormones.

Reduced Hair Thinning: Testosterone helps hair follicles in the production of hair. These cells can die due to a lack of hormonal production and dryness.

Restore Muscle Mass: Reduced levels of testosterone can result in the loss of muscle mass in men. Restoring this level with the help of Bioidentical Testosterone Treatment combined with exercise, can restore the lean muscle mass.

Restoring and replenishing your lost hormones will rejuvenate your energy levels, balance your moods, boost your immune system and bring you back to life. By restoring the depleted hormones, your body’s energy level will dramatically increase, and your immune system will improve.

How Can Wigs Damage your Hair and Scalp?

| December 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

WigWigs can work wonders for those with medical hair loss. If you have lost hair because you are undergoing chemotherapy treatments, you can get a wig until your treatment is complete and your hair grows back again. When you wear a wig, you feel more confident and beautiful.

People, who have thin hair or suffer from eczema dermatitis, can use wigs to look comfortable in their social circle. Today, wigs are very different from the heavy and uncomfortable wigs from the past. They are comfortable, lightweight, realistic, and painless to wear. Even though modern wigs have several advantages, you could face some problems when you wear them.

Possible Problems

Here are some common problems people face when they use wigs.


If the wig is not worn properly, it can cause headaches. At times, wigs that don’t fit properly can put pressure on certain areas of the head which can cause frequent headaches. This is not a major problem and can be easily avoided by loosening the wig cap or changing the wig.

Hair Loss

Another common problem associated with wearing wigs is that they can damage your hair. To avoid this problem, you must clean and condition your hair regularly. Secondly, take time to position you hair and wig. If you simply jam your hair under the wig, it will make your hair weak and increase the risk of breakage.

Prevents Hair Growth

Wearing synthetic-hair wigs can lead to several scalp health problems because it prevents it from getting the natural oil. This can make the scalp extremely dry. A dry scalp can be extremely painful and reduce the chances of new hair growth. If you want to avoid this problem, you must avoid wearing wigs continuously for several hours. When the scalp is exposed to fresh air, it prevents the scalp from drying.

Cause Permanent Damage

Lace face wigs are usually fixed using bonding glue or a spirit gum. When these products are applied to your hair repeatedly, it can thin out the edges of your hair and can even create patches at the hairline. This can permanently damage your hair and these effects cannot be reversed. Here is the experience of Countess Vaughn who wore wigs regularly:

Countess VaughnHer experience clearly shows that wearing wigs does have some nasty side effects.


If the wig is made using a material that you are allergic to, it can cause itchiness and can even damage your hair. To avoid this problem, you must buy good quality wigs that don’t contain harmful chemicals. These wigs are relatively expensive but they are worth their price.

The Science of Getting a Wig

So what are the points you should keep in mind when getting a wig? When you shop for a wig, you will find many varieties of wigs available in the marketplace. Some are expensive while others are relatively cheap. Most expensive wigs are high quality wigs that reduce the risk of allergies and diseases, and will remain beautiful for several years to come. So decide on the amount you want to spend when you go shopping for a wig. If you plan to use the wig occasionally, you can get away with an inexpensive wig. However, if you plan to use the wig regularly, you should get a good quality wig.

The way you plan to style your hair will also decide the wig you should buy. Synthetic-hair wigs cannot be permed, colored, or curled. So, if you plan to curl or style your hair, then avoid getting an inexpensive wig. Natural-hair wigs are a bit expensive, but they can be easily cut and curled.

If you plan to use your wig daily, you must look for wig hairpieces that are finely woven and light. This will allow the air to circulate through the wig and prevent dry scalp. They are also comfortable and reduce friction.

Taking Care of Your Scalp and Hair

Once you get a wig, you must learn to use it properly. Some of the things you can do to take care of your scalp and hair are:

Rinse the Wig Thoroughly

Make sure you rinse your wig thoroughly after washing it. If the wig is not rinsed thoroughly, it can leave conditioner or shampoo residue, which can cause scalp irritation.

Plan a Refresher

If you plan to wear the wig for the whole day, you must plan to refresh the scalp several times. You could carry organic witch-hazel with you and every few hours, go to a private place, remove your wig, take a wet cloth with witch hazel, and apply it on your scalp. This will prevent oil build up and make you comfortable. You could also carry an organic soothing gel to soothe the skin on your scalp and face.

Consider Using a Cotton Liner

You could use a cotton liner under your wig, which will help in absorbing heat and moisture and make you feel more comfortable. These cotton liners are inexpensive and can be easily bought from a wig shop or online store.

Care for your Wig

Frequent use of wig can increase wear and tear, which damage the strands of hair and can also cause itching. This problem can be avoided by taking care of the wig according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

Use Zinc Lotion

If you notice redness, bumps, and skin irritation after wearing the wig, you could try some organic zinc lotion. The antibacterial properties of zinc prevent irritation and skin infection.

Final Thoughts

You must be extremely careful when getting or using a wig. If you have sensitive skin, you should get a good quality wig that reduces the risk of skin irritation. People, who suffer from allergies or skin problems, must consult their dermatologist before getting a wig.